My Story

Growing up was never my best memories, I never believed I belonged in my family. I’d often hunt out my birth certificate to check that I really was who my parents told me I was. People refer to it as “middle child syndrome”, I refer to it as “you can’t possibly be my family syndrome”. I was often found at the local bus-stop with a suitcase packed, all it would contain was a couple of books, socks and three tins of tomato soup. 


I fought my way through school, hated authority and being told what to do. My saviour was that I was great at athletics and that always scored me enough points to see me through the year. 


Always been a fighter and always thought there’s something better out there, this can’t be what life is about. After leaving school I went onto study electronics which led me to my first job working for a Circuit Board manufacturer. Within a couple of years, I was a shift supervisor at a very young age. 


Since my first job I have had countless others, I’d reach a stage of boredom in each position or get fed up of my senior telling me what to do and within a short period always look to put my feet on new grass. I kept going, as we all have the belief that “you must have a job and must earn a wage”. I went on to work in construction doing site management work, dealing with plans, architects, site staff and HR. With it being contract work, I had a few projects under my belt, but again I was fed up of the daily grind. One day sat in my office on site in a portacabin, I started googling and ended up applying for a job helping to run a hotel on Sark, within two weeks I was off. 

After Sark I self-exiled myself to the Arctic Circle for a few months trying to make sense of life; it still didn’t make any sense. Oh what to do – I know I will go to London, wasn’t that a shock to the system. 


In London I secured a job working as a Compliance and HR manager, my office was just above and overlooking Platform 1 in Victoria Train Station. The Belmond British Pullman leaves from platform 1. I’d find myself looking out the window in awe at this magnificent machine wishing that one day……. 


Whilst out walking one Saturday I saw someone up a telegraph pole, and I thought wouldn’t that be amazing, I bet he gets a great view up there. Well – straight home, a little bit of googling and within a month I was a Telecoms Engineer in training, telegraph poles here we come. After playing up poles for a while I decided to move up the ranks, within a handful of months I was promoted to Operations Manager for Apprentices. From there I transferred back home up to Scotland on a promotion to our Headquarters managing team which covered the whole of Scotland.


Even after my many experiences, here I find myself back at the beginning living where I started my journey. A big part of my job was coaching others to perform for a company that had institutionalised them. It saddened me so much to see this, I didn’t want to be part of this. I had what people call “A Great Job – A Job For Life” 

Yes “A Job For Life”, let that statement sink in. This is not what life is about, this isn’t living your purpose, living life for you. Working for someone else, under their instruction and their rules. 


This was my turning point, from here I started to invest in myself and study in my own time becoming a qualified Coach and NLP master, I also studied Hypnotherapy to help me have a deeper understanding of behaviours and mindset. Having my own coach and helping me with my personal development outside of the corporate wheel, was the best thing I could ever have done. I could feel the changes inside me, and for the first time I had clarity of who I was and what I wanted. It was my turn to go skipping into the office and hand in my notice. 


Life excites me and each day I spring out of bed bursting with energy, I have an inner peace I never thought was possible. I see so many people sitting where I was, and now my mission is to help Aspiring-Entrepreneurs have the freedom I have. To explore themselves and have the limitless life they were born to have. Break free from the plateau we find ourselves stagnating in and live the life you were born to have. 


If you’re reading my story and it resonates with you - you’re ready to make life-changing decisions. You too can have the freedom you desire deep from within. This is well within your reach, and nowhere near as complex as you may think. You have the passion and the knowledge; all you need is someone to support and guide you into exploring how you can bring your gifts and passions to the surface. 


I have a fantastic offer where you can have a complimentary discovery session where I will use my expertise and experience to deep dive into how we can lay the foundations for your future and crush the fears that are holding you back. You will leave this session with a new lease of life and a clear vision so that you too can change your life.  


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